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Day 304: Alex O'Loughlin
Paul Wesley

Alex O'LoughlinA decent time lately. The audit I wrote about last time actually went very well, which was surprising considering I ended up being the one working with the auditor instead of just observing like I was meant to this year. Fairly quiet and boring at work lately, which is good in that it gives me time to just surf and read during the day, bad because I always feel like I should actually be doing something...

Been watching a lot of TV lately too. Stargate Universe is a lot better than I had been expecting - different from SG1 and Atlantis, but still good. Vampire Diaries continues to be very good too. NCIS LA is a bit disappointing, doesn't have the navy feel like the original. Watching Bones from the first episode of Season 1 from today too, since I missed lots of early episodes and only got into it later.

For pictures today, some of Alex O'Loughlin. He's currently in Three Rivers, I was going to watch it, but given it's future in the US doesn't look that good, Ten over here in Australia took it off after just one episode and it didn't look that good to begin with, I decided not to bother. Still, Alex is worth looking at :)

Enjoy :)

Alex O'Loughlin

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Some goregeous pics, thanks so much!

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